We Are Inque
& We Are Innovation.

Creating strong, useful and beautiful experiences that are measurably effective.

Welcome to INQUE,

An Interaction Design Studio.

We design and code beautiful websites, apps and products for companies around the world by combining concrete research with technical finesse. Our business is to elevate your business through outstanding design and bleeding-edge technologies. Learn about us—then talk to us.

We are Hybrids.

Inspired but pragmatic.

INQUE is as comfortable discussing art as we are analytics. We aren't slashies. We are highly trained and educated User Interaction Designers who are the liaisons between our Artists and Computer Scientists. Our clients come to us for innovative but effective solutions that are made for today.

Seamless Integration

At INQUE we create beautiful experiences that are measurably effective. From concepting to publishing, our Project Managers oversee the entire process and balance the technical, aesthetic and practical requirements. Our work may be complex, but working with INQUE is not; we provide a service where design is approachable, its value clear. Every single thing that we create integrates a form of tracking, allowing the customer to see the benefit of our services.

Good Science

Reasoning—it's a quality far too few creatives possess. We will never ask our clients to invest in something that we can't measure the success of. We pride ourselves on our use of analytics, user testing, focus groups, surveys, paper prototyping, AB testing and other testing methods to demonstrate, empirically, the effectiveness of our design solutions.

Good Design

Design makes a huge difference by enhancing desirability and identity. Competitive pricing and quality are to be expected in today's business world, but what makes someone choose you is design. Design isn't just about pretty pictures anymore—at INQUE, we design user experiences that increase engagement and ease of use. We don't stop at creating the solution, our developers build it using up-the-second tools.


We Are Skilled.

Architects and builders of the digital age.

ART                  REASONING                  SCIENCE

We Are Proven.

A history of design and implementation excellence.

Global Inn Investments
Uncle Fatih’s Website
Sepette Logo
Air Alarm
Logistics LLC
907 Pass
Pizza Flyers
Pizza Garden


We Are Unique.

Talented, fresh and experienced.

Kyle Fox

Kyle assesses every project that comes through the company, ensuring that INQUE's solutions address the client's needs in a sophisticated, beautiful and valuable way. Before his university career, Kyle studied in Germany, the US, and Australia, giving him a uniquely international perspective. Kyle holds a degree in interaction design with a minor in publishing from Simon Fraser University in Canada. He recently worked as an art director with Alaska's largest advertising agency, Bradley Reid + Associates, most notably redesigning the State of Alaska's Official Vacation Planner.

Matt Karakilic
Interaction Designer

Matt's mission is to design systems that are so intuitive that instructions are not required. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Interaction Design and specializes in interface architecture and implementation. Matt understands the design and development process intimately and can make extremely abstract and complicated systems become a reality. Matt's work has directly affected several Vancouver business' bottom lines; in one case our client now enjoys a six figure increase in profit.

Jesse Sandin
Art Director

Jesse describes graphic design as her "love, her forte, her cup of tea." With a BA in Fine Arts, Jesse tackles branding, print and digital design for our clients. A roller derby aficionado, Jesse is eccentric, as you'd expect from an artist, but highly professional—her work is clean, elegant and refined.

Garret DeWinter
Production Artist

Garret is probably the most familiar face to our clients as much of the interfacing and day-to-day operations of INQUE pass through him. Currently studying with the intention of graduating in the field of Graphic Design, Garret has a keen sense of elegance and modernity. Besides producing clean and beautiful graphic solutions, Garret is a more than capable photographer and has worked on many projects including product photography. In his spare time, he likes traveling to Portland, photographing cars and reading about the design world.

Brendan Ryan

Brendan is the most personable developer we have ever encountered. He focuses on people and usability foremost, but also is extremely knowledgable on the technical side—which is surprising as his Bachelor of Science out of University of Minnesota is in graphic design. Brendan is adventurous in every sense of the word: If he isn't reading or collaborating, he is in the mountains skiing, snowboarding hiking or climbing.

Samantha Mott

Samantha has had a lifelong passion for communication in all its forms. She specialized in the entertainment industry, working on District 9, two versions of The Hobbit, and Elysium, amongst other films. Her past work includes everything from website copy to screenplays and has been recognised in national and international competitions. Samantha travels extensively, loves to teach, and is passionate about the outdoors. She enjoys a wide range of outlandish hobbies including historical European Martial Arts


We Are Personal.

We want to hear about your project and needs. If you are a creative or developer who wants to work with us, say hi.

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